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A Space with playful vibes

Who doesn’t like positive vibes space around? Each person whether it is of the old age group or working age group or teenage group each of us likes a pleasant, positive and space with playful vibes. This time we found a place with cheerful, playful and positive vibes. Yes, you heard it right! The D:OH-ALL THE DAY DINING is a space with playful vibes with a quirky menu. The ambiance of this restaurant is so pleasant and playful that customers can have fun time with a relaxing atmosphere. To have a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere they have design there every outlet with a blue and green color. This combination of blue and green makes you feel relax comfortably and have positive and playful vibes. To check there ambiance you can also visit there official website D:OH! All Day Dining .

D:OH!All Day Dining


The Link given in the above description lets you know about there outlets and ambiance. Talking about there ambiance D:oh is perfectly designed with a cheerful filed. Even their chairs table are flooring is customized by their blue and green them although the floor is of wooden finishing still it goes with there ambiance. Blue and Green are the color which is the identity of relaxing and refreshing.


As mentioned earlier, beside perfect and positive and relaxing ambiance they do server quirky menu item. From Vegetarian to Non-Vegetarian every category people can enjoy the meal here. Some dishes currently present here new to hear and new to your taste buds. Cuisine available here are American, Burger, Fast Food, Beverages. THE D:OH is popular for its unique quirky burger with different categories and includes with different sauces.

Starting with the refreshments our you can say it beverages, here you get categories in Beverages like HAND WIPED MILKSHAKES, ADULT SHAKES, FREAK SHAKES, SMOOTHIES, FRESH JUICE and last but not the least MOCKTAILS. They also have a Bar menu which also contains a variety of categories like WINE COCKTAILS, WINES, D:OH IN ONE!, and D:OH! IN MAIDENS. In this beside image, this is a simple orange fresh juice which was quite tasty and refreshing up to the mark. This juice gives a sweet flavor once drink but gives sour taste punch at the end which is tastes amazing. In this Orange Fresh juice, they have added some lemon juice which made it sour and sweet.

Here you can also get cheesy pasta named PASTA WITH ROASTED ARBITRARY SAUCE which is perfect lunch for a hectic afternoon which Is served with 2 pieces of garlic bread. The crème sauce here is perfectly mixed with veggies which test at the point. With this a pizza is must try the best pizza here is ROASTED JALAPENOS AND MUSHROOM PIZZA which have the best spicy and taste to it.

Popular dish

80% of the people come here to visit D:oh! for its popular burgers. They have quite different varieties of burgers and their meals. Here D:oh! makes their hand made buns for a burger so that customers can customize that bun.


This supreme burger named WTF-BURGER which is almost 1 kg burger which I the most popular burger or most popular item here at D:OH! This burger can be eaten by 4 – 6 people having this burger single is at your own risk. Another one is these cute mini burgers Mexican Bean Refried Bean Sliders which are served with some potato wedges which taste perfect with it.


The place is quite pleasant and has a positive vibe this can also say a space with playful vibes. People can enjoy their great quirky meal with these great vibes surrounding them. Visit this place with your Family and Friends. The approximate range for 2 people here is 1,600 rs which is a little expensive but having good quality needs some amount right?



Affordable -3/5



D:OH! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


D:OH has its 3 outlets in Mumbai

1)Unit 2A, Ground Floor, Fun Republic, Off New Link Road, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai

Contact:- 022 62360451 022 62360452

2) 37A, 1st Floor, Level 1, Viviana Mall, Eastern Express Highway, On Service Road, Near Jupiter Hospital, Majiwada, Thane West, Thane.

Contact:- 022 61701315 02261701415

All over Marol, Mumbai (This is just for online and phone order that’s why this named Delivery Kitchen D:OH! it just delivers the item.)

Contact:- +91 9029293976

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